Buying a new or old home?

Are you purchasing a new home? Whether it’s a brand new home that was just built or a home that’s been around for years (or even decades) you need to be sure on what you’re actually buying. Did you know that home inspectors don’t actually need to be licensed to preform a home inspection? That’s actual kind of scary if you think about it. You’re investing your hard earned money into a life long investment and you’re relying heavily on the fact that the house is safe, structurally sound, and that it doesn’t have major issues that’ll cost you time and money.

Getting a home inspection done before you put an offer on a house might make you feel better about your potential investment but it doesn’t mean your out of the water from any future issues. Home inspections only asses the things they can see. They can’t look behind the walls, or under the floors to see what’s under there. They can’t check your pipes that run throughout your home to make sure they’re all intact, are free of cracks and debris, don’t have any buildup of grease or sediment from the previous homeowners. If it’s a new home and no one has lived there yet, how do you know it was built to code?

Take our advise and have a camera inspection of your drainage system before you sign any papers. Missed problems in your drainage could result in major excavations, remodeling and unforeseen renovations. Let us tell you the integrity of your pipes that run throughout your home to prevent any unwanted issues.

Most people aren’t aware of the issues that linger behind the walls of their home and that could be why the previous homeowners are selling because they don’t want to deal with all the costly issues. They know that even though a home inspection will be preformed, things like drainage issues that are not visible from outside the walls will not be found.

Call today to book a camera inspection and make sure your new investment is actually worth it. Ask for Mark 416-908-2892