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Is Your Basement Protected From a Flood?

Here’s how to prevent your basement from flooding: Do you know if your home is protected from sewage and water flowing back into your basement? There’s a plumbing system called a backwater valve and it’s an important part to any homeowners plumbing. A backwater valve ensures that water and sewage cannot flow backwards and into […]

What To Expect When You Call A Service Professional

Expecting a service Technician to come to your home or business?   This is what you can expect from a Drain Relief service call: You’ve most likely called and arranged a time, discussed all possible options for solving your drainage issue, and have informed on the price. Usually, you’re given a time frame that all […]

Renting A Drain Snake From The Store

RENTING A DRAIN SNAKE FROM THE STORE – PROS AND CONS PROS Convenience You can rent the snake whenever you need it. You don’t have to wait for someone to arrive. Cheaper Yes, renting a snake from store is cheaper than your standard service call. CONS It’s heavy The drain snake weighs 60 lbs. That’s […]

Those “flushable” wipes aren’t so flushable

Labels can be misleading… Be careful what you flush down your toilet. A lot of advertisers state that their toilet wipes are “flushable” insinuating that they’re safe for your drain, but it’s a misleading title. Firstly, let’s clarify that there are some companies that actually use a decomposing wipe that  will eventually break down. These […]

Do You Enjoy Freshly Brewed Coffee?

Are you a Coffee Lover? Do you look forward to that fresh  cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Some people even have their brewer set on a timer so that they wake up to the bold aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee, without having to lift a finger. But, did you […]

Buying a new or old home?

Are you purchasing a new home? Whether it’s a brand new home that was just built or a home that’s been around for years (or even decades) you need to be sure on what you’re actually buying. Did you know that home inspectors don’t actually need to be licensed to preform a home inspection? That’s […]

The culprit for toilet clogs

Did you know? You may be the reason why your toilet backs up and not even know it. A lot of people aren’t aware that there are plenty of items that shouldn’t go down the drain. Realistically, the only thing you should be flushing is toilet paper. Anything other than that is posing a risk for […]