Is Your Basement Protected From a Flood?

Here’s how to prevent your basement from flooding:

Do you know if your home is protected from sewage and water flowing back into your basement?

There’s a plumbing system called a backwater valve and it’s an important part to any homeowners plumbing. A backwater valve ensures that water and sewage cannot flow backwards and into your home if the main sewer line becomes overloaded. A backwater valve works with gravity so it’ll work on its own to keep your home dry.


How do you know if you have a backwater valve?

Backwater valves are usually located in the basement floor and have a cover that can easily be removed for maintenance. The cover itself is likely round, but there may also be a rectangular panel on top. If you have a sump pump, the backwater valve is likely close by.

backwater valve

Backwater Valve located on the left – black structure

Image Source: CityOfWindsor

Why are backwater valves important?

Every time we flush the toilet or run the water down the kitchen sink, the water runs through your homes pipes to the main City Sewer pipes. Every single house is connect to the main City sewer line which means that’s a lot of sewage and water all going through one line. If that line backs up the sewage will have no where to go but back into your home and out your drains. The reason a backwater valve is important is because if prevents the backflow from the main City sewer by blocking it off. That way if the City has a problem, it won’t become your problem too.

How do I get a backwater valve in my home?

If you don’t have a backwater valve in your home already it’s important to make sure you get one. The last thing you want is your whole street’s sewage floating around your basement (sorry for the visual). To get a backwater valve installed, you’ll have to arrange an appointment for one of our Technicians to come out and see the layout of your basement. We can usually have someone out to see you the same day you call. They’ll then explain where and how the backwater valve will go and give you a quote. Most of the time, the installation can be completed in one scheduled day depending on the variables. Simple as that!

There’s a City of Toronto Rebate for the backwater valve

Not only do we think it’s important to have a backwater valve in your home but the City of Toronto also thinks that it’s important enough to offer a $1200 City rebate for the installation of one. We’ll fill out the rebate information for you and you mail it in to receive your rebate. For more info on this, please read here.

So if you’re making the important decision to install a backwater valve in your home please feel free to give us a call and we’ll have everything ready for you.

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