Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to snake a drain?

Pricing can start as low as $179.50 for our special promotional rate (restrictions apply) and vary from there. When you’re booking an appointment for a Technician to arrive, a price will be given to you right over the phone.

What is a Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve is a flood protection device that prevents City sewers from back-flowing and flooding your basement. A backwater valve can be installed at the entry point of your dwelling. To read more about how you can protect your home from flooding and to take advantage of up to $1250.00 in a  Backwater Valve City rebate click here.

How do I get $3400 worth of City of Toronto Rebates?

Drain relief will make the rebate process for the City of Toronto as turn key as possible for our Customers. This includes obtaining all necessary permits, being present for inspections and insuring a pass and we’ll even go a step further and print out the application forms already filled out with all our credentials including our license information. All that you’ll have to do is mail the envelope.

Click here for more information on City Rebates.

What size drain snakes does Drain Relief carry?

The k30 is the smallest machine in our fleet and the Ridgid k1500 is the largest. We have pretty much every machine in between.

How do I know which drain Company is best for the job?

First make sure the Company you pick is licensed and insured. There’s a surprising amount of unlicensed “handymen” who haven’t been properly educated and won’t be properly liable (our license info is in the footer of every page).
Secondly, READ Reviews. You can read our reviews here.

What is an accessible cleanout?

There are different types of cleanout access points in a drainage system.  The main cleanout is exterior of your home and is located at the exit point of the sewer.

In other cases your cleanout may be located just inside the basement, flush with the concrete at the exit point of the building. Cleanouts will also exist at the bottom of each plumbing stack. Sometimes these pipes are hidden behind walls and it is important that access panels be installed to access cleanouts located before the pipe transitions below grade.

Are there any hidden fees?

No! At Drain Relief we believe in being as upfront and transparent about our pricing as possible. We believe that we offer great value in our services, and strive to price our projects below the industry average to save you money!