Formadrain – Trenchless Sewer Pipe (CIPP- Cured in place pipe) Liner

What is it?

Formadrain is a reliable No-Dig System that can be used for underground pipes such as sewers, storm pipes and electrical conduits. It is also compatible with sanitary columns and process piping.

To simplify that for you, it’s a liner that goes inside your pipe and is expanded to fit the existing pipe to mend any cracks or broken pipes. It will also stop tree roots from protruding into your pipe in the future, because the roots will not be able to break through the Formadrain Liner.

Its History

The Formadrain technology has been operating since 1994 and is becoming a popular alternative to replacing or excavating drains that need extensive repair. Formadrain is able to repair pipes from 2″-48″ in diameter and contains “Green Technology” (VOC free).

The Detail

It easily repairs Y’s and Tee joints and is the most effective steam curing system on the market today. Formadrain uses Epoxy resin and contains no stryene, or any other harsh compounds. This means that it is completely smell free and has no health concerns.