What To Expect When You Call A Service Professional

Expecting a service Technician to come to your home or business?


This is what you can expect from a Drain Relief service call:

  1. You’ve most likely called and arranged a time, discussed all possible options for solving your drainage issue, and have informed on the price.
  2. Usually, you’re given a time frame that all of our Tech’s usually stay within. It’s usually a 2 hour window and if there are any delays they’ll be sure to let you know in advance.
  3. Once the Technician arrives, he’ll need to see the area that’s having the problem.
  4. Most of the time, they’ll be coming in with equipment. This equipment is usually very heavy and cumbersome. We recommend having any baby gates out of the pathway while the Technician is working so that he doesn’t have to step over it with all his equipment. This can be difficult at times.
  5. Once all set up, the Technician will begin clearing your drain. While trying to keep the area as clean as possible (or not contributing any more mess during the process) they’ll follow out the process of the service discussed and keep you updated on the results. We like to be thorough and detailed with all of our customers regarding the situation and hope that this knowledge makes every customer feel content.
  6. After the Technician is done, he’ll tidy up his equipment and bring it back out to the vehicle. They will then summarize their visit with you and finalize the invoice and payment. Everything is upfront and transparent. No hidden fees, satisfied customers and a job well done.


If you have any questions regarding drainage issues in your home or business please feel free to give us a call and we can discuss it with you. You can contact us at 416-908-2892.