Hyrdo Jetting is thorough. effective. reliable. cost efficient.

The Hydro Flush Service is the most effective method to restore old drain lines to a like-new condition. The Hydro Flush system forces water through a top-of-the-line nozzle with high water pressure and volume to provide a unique and thorough cleaning like no other. Although the conventional cable methods can be effective, they don’t clear the pipe as effectively allowing for future issues to arise. The Hydro Flush system provides such powerful results that it is very unlikely for your issue to occur as frequently compared to the conventional cable methods. Once the drain snake has been used to open the blockage, the Hydro Flush system is used to clear out the grease, soap and sludge, preventing soft deposits in the line collecting paper or other materials over time. Trust your Drain Relief Technician in preventing the expense of backed-up lines resulting in ruined walls and floors by having us flush your drains today!

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Pros of Hydro Jetting

  • Long-lasting results

    Using the drain snake can be beneficial but because it has a tip that varies in width it creates limitations. It may be able to clear the blockage but can’t guarantee that it clears the walls of the pipe completely. The flush is powerful enough that the water fills the pipe fully to allow all debris to be cleared throughout the entire pipe.

  • No Excavation

    Most of the time the Hydro Jet can eliminate the need to dig up your pipes.  Because the Hydro Jet is done through an accessible cleanout, it means that your pipes and floor will remain intact. This allows for the job to be done with very little mess and requires less maintenance than other drain cleaning services.

Cons of Hydro Jetting

  • Professional Needed

    Unfortunately this service isn’t something that can be done by an unlicensed Technician. The proper equipment is needed and must be used correctly or could be very dangerous due to the high volume of pressure